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Grave x Bunji by kheelan Grave x Bunji by kheelan this no mind, it's just me being weird. You can take this anyway you want to, be it a strong friendship or something stronger. I was just scribbling away at a piece of paper couple nights ago and felt like playing with the idea of what if Grave had come back to find Bunji after he beat the crap out of him in "Brother" because guilt (that what I say it is anyway ^^; ) and I'm fully aware you never see Bunji's eyes ( do ONCE...but I say that doesn't count) but I felt like actually drawing his eyes, 'specially since I really would like to know what they look like. I'm not planning on any begininng or ending for this, I just felt like messing with the characters. I think I have too much fun drawing other peoples' stuff...I haven't wanted to do anything of my own in two years...yeesh. Have fun reading my handwritting!

Thanks for looking!
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fanatical-chick Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2006
AWWWWE! I've never been one much for GG yaoi, and this kinda hints at that, but I can't help but like this. ^_^ It's verynice, very good composition, and I love bunji's expression when his punch misses...XD "OoO???" XD lol And yeah, I'd have to say I like "Brandon" better, too, but I have a specific reason. >_> I have a cousin...who's 6 foot 14" tall (XP) and pretty quiet (except when you get him joking about something) and an uber big softy, who is like a gigantic teddy bear, until something happens and he has to go pwnage on your ass. XP He's just like Brandon Heat ('cept he hasn't had to kill anyone yet, and he isn't one of the undead. o.O) so it's like...yeah, Grave reminds me of my cousin Brandon, and it makes the character that much more "AWWWWWE!!! <3!" for me, 'cause my cousin is like my big protective brother like figure, so it's all cool. XP Anyway, enough rambling. :+fav:!!!
theturtlemachine Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2006
That is a fantastic page of writting. I love the idea of it all. The art is amazing, doing things first draft with pen always amazes me, but I'm addicted to erasers. It's to bad your not going anywhere with it, but it is a strong statement by itself. Very well done.
Alucardsgirl Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2005
hmm....interesting.... :hmm:
shellpresto Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
this is awesome! it's great art, even if it isn't inked or anything. and even though the encounter is fictional, it's still really touching.
leesers Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004  Student Digital Artist
Fantastic. I knew i'd find some awesome stuff if I nebbed around in your scraps as well. :D Scraps is where you'll find the gold... seriously ahaha. Still, this is very awesome... and I'm also glad you put in Bunji's eyes. I love the one of him on the left page in the left bottom corner. That face is priceless. I love this kind of stuff from you. :D Keep on doodling!
greenglowingeyes Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
I have no idea who they are, having not watched Gungrave (yet) buuuut... dude, your composition is awesome, your expressions rock and your handwriting, um, well I can make i out. ;) I really like the emotion you create through their expressions and dialogue. W00t! ^__^
blackwidow-vash Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2004
:clap: I like it. Very nice work, in my opinion.
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July 2, 2004
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